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Before any sawing or core drilling is done, we recommend 2D or 3D concrete scanning demolition to detect any materials that may be in the way and cause costly damage. By scanning everything from ceilings to floors, with a concrete scan, we can find rebar, wire mesh, conduits, water lines, and more. This time saving and cost efficient way of scanning a construction project helps business owners know the details of what’s underneath the concrete before a tool is ever even picked up.

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Concrete Scanning - Houston, TX
Concrete Elevation Leveling - Houston, Texas



Trust our team with site preparation concrete elevation leveling to ensure the job is level every time. Our team works with advanced rotary laser levels to detect elevation level and provide an even, precise grade in your concrete projects.

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When it comes to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA ) parking guidelines and compliance, you need a team you that knows exactly what the laws are. We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses on ensuring their parking lots follow the strict ADA parking guidelines and compliance, including the ADA stamp.

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ADA Parking - Houston, Texas
Ashpalt - Houston, Texas



Hire Elite Sawing and Drilling of Spring, Texas for all of your asphalt needs. From cutting, removing, and laying, our team has helped hundreds of Houston area businesses with new asphalt installation and patchwork. We work with small and large businesses , new projects, or parking lot repairs. Elite Sawing & Drilling can get the job done.

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Pipe bollard installation is used to protect buildings, storefronts, pedestrians, and equipment from vehicle collisions. Usually seen in storefronts, parking lots, sidewalks, and heavy trafficked areas, pipe bollards are the perfect way to protect essential needs. Elite Sawing and Drilling has the expertise and equipment necessary to complete your pipe bollard installation.

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Pipe Bollard Installation
Pipe Bollard Installation helps to divert traffic.



Elite Sawing and Drilling also does pressure washing!  We will help you keep the exterior of your home and property looking like new. Our team will effectively remove dirt, dust, mud, grime, stains, salt, mold and even chewing gum from just about any surface.

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Plumbing Trench

  • Sawcut and remove concrete in the slab for new tenants moving into a building. This is completed so tenants can put plumbing, drains, and sanitary into the slab based on their needs.
  • Once the concrete is removed and the plumbers installs new plumbing we then place rebar and pour new concrete to cover up the plumbing trench that was removed for the plumbing.

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